Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Filming a movie is much harder than it looks!

As the title says, filming a movie is much harder than it looks. They are so many preliminary steps that need to be completed before the actual filming starts. Screenplays, scripts, and storyboards take a lot more time than the filming. Then after the filming, editing the raw footage into a smooth movie takes forever.

My class just had a video project where we had to follow the directions of the professionals. These things stated above were most of the things we covered. Each student filmed and acted in a movie. Initially, I thought we would breeze through this project but I was completely wrong. It took us weeks to have smooth movie that could be watched.

The main editing tool we used was Apple's Final Cut. This program makes film editing easy. Music, effects, and many other things can easily be added without any hassle. Raw footage is uploaded to a hard drive from the camera. From there, the footage is split up into sections. After cutting up the whole film, it can be pieced together into a smooth movie. Transitions between scenes can be used to aid in the smoothness.

Filming this way is time consuming but very worthwhile. Every day people watch film either through the TV or the cinemas. After this project, I have a better appreciation for the people who film these programs that I watch.

Photo source, from the Flickr photo stream of ventriloblog: http://flickr.com/photos/ventriloblog/145650598/

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