Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Over the past few weeks, I learn how to make games through a program called Scratch. Scratch utilizes a simple interface to make learning extremely easy. Many of the commands are self-explanatory like, move five steps, turn 90 degrees, etc. One of the great features of scratch is that you can add, edit, or make pictures/sprites/animations for any purpose. This allows anyone to use pictures as backgrounds or main characters in their game.

Though scratch is easy to use, it is hard to master many techniques. During the course of this project, I attempted to make three games. The first two, a mario knockoff and pac-man, failed miserably. There were just too many scripts required to make those games and in no way would I be able to finish in the time frame. In my final game, Crazy Maze Challenge, there were a few things I had trouble in. One of the problems was that I couldn't get the sound working properly for awhile. Sounds were playing over each other and causing massive ear bleeding. And even when I fixed it, some of my classmates ask me to make a mute button! Then for awhile I couldn't get the background to change correctly. All these problems were fixed by making your own variables(which sounds difficult but is relatively simple).

Crazy Maze Challenge is the most challenging and frustrating game you will ever play. Quoted from a comment, "This is very hard. It's not fair how the thing can go through walls!" Have fun and don't break your computer screen!

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