Monday, September 15, 2008

Shift Happens: The Rapid Developement of Technology

In the video Shift Happens, various technological statistics are presented to show how fast technology is progressing. From these statistics, predictions were made of the future of technology. A few years from now, a supercomputer will surpass the human brain in computing capacity. And about forty years later, a common household computer will surpass the computing capacity of the entire human race. These facts are not only frightening but also astonishing.

If you could go back in time to when the first computers were built and told scientists about these predictions, they would probably call you insane. Hopefully, all this new computing power will be able to benefit humanity.

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BlueU said...

I have no doubt all this technology will benefit mankind! Look how far we've come since the days of no television, no internet...I never even owned a cell phone until I was 35 years old! It all seems overwhelming sometimes, but we will all learn and grow with the technology.
Diane Aronow
Teacher in Western NY

Jim Dornberg said...

In a presentation I did for a group of teachers recently, I included a picture of my dad and my 2 sons. ENIAC, the computer you have on your blog, was the computer of my dad's generation. The iPhone is my sons' computer. Isn't it astounding to think that this happened in only 60 years? I can't even imagine what the computers will be like 60 years from now.

Doug said...

Thanks for the comments Diana and Jim! Jim it is unbelievable the journey computers have taken; The ENIAC weighed about 30 tons just to do the same functions as a light-weight calculator! Diana my parents didn't believe in cell phones until the late 90s! They thought land lines were alot better.

Lisa said...

Hey Doug, I am a student at Wedderburn College in Australia. We also have watched the shift happens video and we all found it fascinating that computers will soon become so powerful. Imagine how powerful they will be in 20 or 30 years?!